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Why is the FAQ page necessary?

The wiki allows for rapid communication of support information. Eventually these FAQs will be added to the ACMAL Online eTraining Modules.

SEM EDS Tips for dQant32, dSspec, dPict32, and Spectrometer (PDF)

Document added January 5, 2009.

Sample Preparation: Cleaning the Multiprep

Multiprep Squeegee

All users must CLEAN the Multiprep with each use.

  • Use wet towels: there are special absorbent white towels in the drawer below the machine.
  • Don't flood the machine with water it will leak into the electronics. Just wipe with clean wet towels and then a dry towel.
  • Use the compressed air to dry afterwards.
  • Clean the top of the machine, the tower and other parts. Clean the keypad.
  • Remove the platen and clean the cavity below. Clean the platens, especially the backside. Silica behind the platen will ruin the precision.
  • Clean the table top and wall behind the machine if you splash.
  • There will be a spray bottle of special soap near the machine to help with cleaning.

Don't leave adhesive pads on the platens unless the platen is yours. If you have your own platen you should take it with you.

You may notice that the rotation and oscillation will stop unexpectedly. There is a connector behind the machine that doesn't fit well and if you simply move it slightly the rotation and oscillation will work again. A permanent fix for this is being looked into.

Sample Preparation: How can I avoid destroying the ultrasonic cleaner?

If the ultrasonic cleaner is left on overnight, the water will evaporate and the unit will be destroyed. There is a new one in the lab which has a timer which should help avoid this possibility. However, there is a "hold" setting on the timer that will leave the unit on indefinitely. Please do not use the "hold" feature.

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